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Don't be fooled by the humble setting (hmmm, looks like a garage in your backyard.!). Grave Danger Productions is the culmination of 25+ years of experience recording, mixing, music production and live sound reinforcement! In business full-time since 1998, Grave Danger Productions has a track record that belies it's modest first impression - I have done literally hundreds (probably thousands!) of projects over the years, for clients ranging from young upstarts to established, professional musicians. Over the years, as technology has advanced, the stacks of outboard gear and large mixing consoles have given way to a completely "in the box" methodology. Aside from the the excellent A/D converters, preamps, amplifiers, computers and mics, there is little "technology" apparent (it looks more like a library in here!). While relatively small and deceptively simple in appearance, the studio has the power under the hood. Working from my home has allowed me to provide professional-grade services at a very reasonable price, since I have no overhead costs, and I can accomodate almost any but the largest groups (a 5 piece band is no problem - more if you don't mind getting cozy). Many studios have come and gone in the last decade and the fact that Grave Danger Productions still stands strong is a testament to the quality of work you can expect.
I can Record your project, any style - Gangsta Rap to Gospel, Metal to Bluegrass -  quickly and at the highest quality for a price that's unbeatable! The studio is fully equiped with the latest software and an array of drums, mics and amps. Gear includes:
Sonar Producer 8.5
Pro Tools 7.1
24 tracks of PreSonus converters @ 48k/24bit
AT4033-A vocal mic
DBX 286A Mic preamp
Yamaha M06 keyboard
Various guitar and bass amps including a JCM800 tube combo and a Fender Bassman 250 bass amp
Sennhieser E609 instrument mics
Various Audix and Audio Technica drum mics
7+ piece drum kit and percussion instruments
Pioneer/Numark digital turntables
Various Ibanez, Ovation, Alvarez, Guild and other guitars
Mixing is an important step in the recording process. I can quickly zero in on a great mix that will be both exciting and portable (it will sound good on a variety of systems). My method is "in the box", meaning fully digital, and I use my 20+ years of mixing experience in addition to an arsenal of plugins to get your project sounding it's best. Software includes:
Sonar Producer 8.5 and included plugins
Pro Tools 7.1
The full Anteres Vocal Suite including Auto-tune and AVOX
Voxengo tube simulator and multiband plugins
Guitar Rig
Every project needs that final sheen that quality Mastering provides. I can master your project to industry standards - leveling, sequencing and Eq adjustment - so you're ready to compete with the pros. In addition to having a properly tuned and eq'd listening evironment and monitoring setup, I use the following to get your project sounding like gold:
Sonar Producer 8.5
Voxengo Warmifier and Soniformer2
Sonar Tube Leveler and Boost11
Sonar non-linear Eq's and Multiband Compressors
Various other plugins as necessary
Your project needs a great looking package in addition to great sound. As a freelance artist, I can design your project Artwork and layouts using a variety of mediums and programs- from pencil sketch to full 3D CGI renders. Software includes:
Corel 12 Graphics Suite
Adobe CS 6 Graphics Suite
Lightwave 9.6
3d Coat
Vue Infinite 6
Adobe Premier
Project Dogwaffle Pro
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